Wallene Frank


About Wallene

     Wallene and her husband illustrator Bernie Frank are self proclaimed nature geeks.  Their love of God's creation and the personification of his creatures permeates the book Indigo becomes a Big Brother.  Married for in excess of 35 years, the couple have two children and 2 grandchildren.  When their daughter was pregnant with her second child she expressed concern that her oldest son did not want to become a big brother.  This sparked a thought about bluebird brood behavior and this book was born. 

    Wallene is a writer of many things.  She has written a one act play called Shift Change that was performed by her daughter's high school drama club.  She has been published 3 times in the Welcome Home magazine of the Family and Home Network.  Each of those articles were about her experiences parenting her two children Candace, and Nathanael.  She has written of her experiences as a chronically ill patient in the Scanner, the official member news magazine of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.   Her greatest and most prolific achievement to date though is her annual Christmas card newsletter.  She has strived over the last 28 years to create a letter that is both humorous and entertaining, so people might  actually want to read it.   She tucks it  into the Christmas cards that are mailed to over 100 friends and family worldwide. The fact that many a Christmas family dinner has been peppered with quotes from it  might indicate she has indeed been successful.

       Wallene is an avid gardener as well as a bird watcher and amateur butterfly photographer.  She has a garden in her back yard specifically to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  Her yard is also home to multiple bird feeders, and just recently a bird bath with  a solar powered fountain.  She maintains a list of birds she has personally seen, and is of course a fan of the movie  The Big Year.    She has lived in many different locations due to her husband having retired from the United States Air Force.  She has now called the Washington D.C. area home for the last 18 years.  Her only regret about that is that she has yet to have a bluebird in her yard.