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Because the birds are smarter...

     This is going to be very quick, but I wanted to share just a bit about the weather prognostication we attribute to the birds.  Here in DC we are suffering through an "after the first day of Spring" snow storm.  For those of us that anticipate with dogged determination that day, this is a blow indeed to our psyches.  My niece was so sad because she had celebrated the arrival of Robins to her yard as an absolute promise that spring had indeed arrived.  But alas our poor red breasted friends had to suffer through the snow too.  Birds migratory habits are indeed signals to those of us payi

Lessons From The Birds

     The birds. I have in my kitchen a rack of tiny bird houses made of wood with the words “This place is for the birds!” emblazoned on it. I treasure it because it is adorable, but the fact is that my home always has been (for the birds, not necessarily adorable…). When I was a child my parents were avid bird watchers. Not perhaps in the way of those who travel great distances with binoculars. But in the squeals of delight from a glimpse out a window at the wintry landscape where the brilliant scarlet hue of a Cardinal is evident against the snow, way.

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