Indigo Becomes a Big Brother

Leo and TobyOur daughter, when pregnant with her second child, was concerned her son said he didn't want to become a big brother. This sparked a thought about bluebird brood behavior and this book was born. Originally written as a birthday gift for our grandson Leo, this book is a fable of sorts in the tradition of Aesop, in that true animal behavior is personified and a lesson is to be learned. Indigo blue bird is unhappy about the work involved in being the fledgling required to stay and help with a subsequent brood of bluebird babies. His mother although very busy in her preparation for the eggs to arrive, is concerned about him. She sends him to visit his wise Uncle Cobalt whom she claims was the "best big brother ever". Her feeling is that her brother could answer all of Indigo's questions and maybe work out his angst about his new role. The story unrolls the basis of love in families and presents Indigo with an aspiration to be a great big brother. The lesson to be learned is that Love grows beyond the boundaries of one heart in a family to encompass the whole family. "You just can't contain it." He vows to do his duty in love and after being a big brother to become a loving father to his own bluebird babies.

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"The combination of Frank's lovingly told story and her husband's vibrant crayon illustrations make for the perfect book for anyone expecting a new member in their nest...."

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Laura R.  - Frederick MD.


"I love this book! This summer, my 5 year old granddaughter visited from Kenya. My sweet friend let us come over for a swim one hot afternoon. After swimming for a while, my granddaughter, Mikayla, wanted to take a break and sit with us in the shade. Our hostess asked Mikayla if she would like to hear a story, to which she quickly agreed. She read Mikayla the story ‘Indigo Becomes A Big Brother’ and showed her the special illustrations that go along with the story. Mikayla sat very quietly, absorbing the story. At the end, I asked her how she liked it (a dangerous question for a sometimes TOO honest 5 year old!). Her response was to nod and ask to have it read again! This is one book I will have in my house to share with ALL my grandchildren! Thank you, Wallene! Definitely a hit with our family!"

Lucy J.